About: FAST-Boston aims at connecting IT professionals in the Boston area eager to thrive within the French-American business community.


Why did you create the FAST-Boston Forum and what made you realize the need for this committee?
“Boston is a place where many French corporations settle to expand in the US market and from where many US companies wish to settle operations in France. The need to interconnect those two worlds and to provide best practices and pragmatic support for those bi-cultural organizations is continuously perceived by the FACCNE organization.”

Which services does the FAST-Boston Forum offer? 

“The FAST-Boston Forum provides specialized workshops where IT professionals, start-ups, and large corporations can meet and discuss their bi-cultural business lives. Our objective is to create unique networking opportunities and educational events specifically for early-stage companies, entrepreneurs, corporations willing to leverage the French-American experience.

How may I help the FAST-Boston Forum? 

“Your expertise, your experience, your knowledge of best-in-class tools, methods, and processes to start-ups or to large corporations are welcome. Feel free to contact us should you wish to contribute to one of our workshops.”


— Chris Hote, Head of the FACCNE FAST-Boston Forum



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