"During a recent trip by 21 Master of Innovation students from EM Lyon to Boston, which was organized by Launch in US Alliance, we were asked to coordinate meetings with local companies. FACCNE was extremely helpful in setting up a comprehensive corporate visit at the US Headquarters of Dassault Systèmes in Waltham, including demos of their amazing 3D simulation technology. In addition, they suggested a visit at a Cambridge start-up founded by a French entrepreneur, which gave an excellent perspective of the Boston innovation scene to the students. We would like to thank the Chamber for their insights and their willingness to work their contacts here in Boston."

Launch in US Alliance (December 2014)

What companies say:

 "The FACCNE has positively contributed to an important part of our Think Thank program consisting in learning expeditions, during which participants have the possibility to question and exchange with the host companies' seniors executives/experts around the program subject matter. The FACCNE gave us the benefit of their considerable professional contact network in New England.

On the basis of a careful analysis of our needs, the FACCNE team succeeded in identifying relevant speakers and we would like to highlight their professionalism throughout our collaboration.

Both GDF SUEZ participants and host companies speakers benefited by mutually learning from and about each otherm and some contacts are already being continued.

We would like to address our warmest thanks to the FACCNE team for their involvement in the organization of this interesting meeting."

Guillaume Bregentzer, Program Director, GDF SUEZ University (October 2014)


 "I would like to thank you a lot for your help and your work for my trip in Boston. You’ve been very available and the meetings you proposed to me were very interesting.

Indeed, thanks to you, I met Marie Landel&Associates, a very important contact for me if Norman companies want to set up in the USA. Launch in US, MOITI and Massachusetts Technology Collaborative (which was represented by Brendan Greally) are main actors in Boston area for advising foreign companies. More specifically, MassBio is a very good contact for Norman companies in health and biotechnology sectors.
To finish, the French Tech hub allows French companies in IT to set up an office easily with many services in a collaborative space, which is very interesting. I better understand what FACCNE proposes, and what are the different roles between each of these structures.

Every contact was very pleasant and welcoming, it was very nice to meet them, thank you very much.

I hope Norman companies will be attracted by Massachusetts in the future, because everything is gathered !"

Guillaume Ouinas, International Development Advisor at CCI International Normandie (October 2014)


"Grâce à la chambre de commerce franco américaine de Boston, les lauréats internes des Prix EDF Pulse ont été immergés pendant 48h dans un éco système très efficace qui mêle savamment starts up, monde universitaire et industriels. Nous avons eu accès à des entrepreneurs passionnés qui ont pu parler de leurs innovations mais aussi de l'environnement favorable créé pour faciliter la mise en oeuvre de leurs projets. Encore un grand merci à toute l'équipe qui nous a reçu !"

Catherine Lescure, Directrice Marque et Image Direction de la Communication Groupe EDF


"Un accueil de grande qualité dès le soir de notre arrivée dans les locaux du MOITI,  par des personnalités très marquantes, passionnées et enthousiastes, qui nous ont plongées tout de suite dans le milieu des Start up à Boston : création, coopération, financements, parrainages, bref tout le modus operandi de l'innovation dans l'état du Massachusetts, qui est bien différent du modèle français...
Et des visites passionnantes dans l'incubateur de Start up de GreentownLabs dédié aux énergies propres, avec leurs laboratoires et leurs inventeurs."

Jocelyne Canetti, Médiateur du Groupe EDF


"Just like many young companies in France, CashMachine was interested in developing our activities in the U.S. For this we needed someone in the U.S. prospecting for us, to find e-commerce web sites that could offer specific bargains to our customers. I searched through various channels, and finally the FACCNE proved to be the best one. The FACCNE recommended a very efficient and hard-working person, that despite her young age (23) and the fact that the internet business was brand-new to her, did a very good job. What I appreciated most was her being able to propose her own solutions, each time an issue occurred, rather than waiting for us to tell her what to do.
Three months later, we are still working with her, and thanks to her work contacting local partners, we will be able to make our first step in the American market."

Constance Legrand
Associate, la CashMachine

"I first used the FACC ICDP program last summer to hire a French intern with a Ph.D in biology. Priscilla received her convocation to the US Embassy in Paris only 12 days after her file was submitted to the FACC. The dedicated team of J1-visa experts in New York made the entire procedure easy and cost-competitive. Furthermore, our HR manager was put in contact with a professional and friendly correspondent who gave us pertinent advice. I will definitely use the service again, and I would recommend FACCNE to companies of any size that host foreign interns and trainees."

Frederic Chereau
Former CEO, Pervasis Therapeutics, Cambridge, MA


“When I arrived in Boston, I had to develop a new professional network. Thanks to the FACCNE, I was given a chance to attend useful networking meetings and to contact directly the other members. Thus I took advantage of their numerous and helpful advices to find a new job! "

Pascal Pernigotto
Individual Member since November 2008


What previous interns say:

 "Interning at the Chamber was an extremely rewarding experience for me for many reasons. As a French minor, I was looking for a professional environment in which I could apply my language skills and learn more about potential opportunities for me in the business world. The French-American Chamber of Commerce, New England, allowed me to do just that and more. From the first day, the Executive Director was more than welcoming and strived to accommodate my particular interests. Since one of my goals was to use my language skills, she made sure to communicate the majority of the time in French, even though she could have just as easily communicated in English. Lastly, even as an intern, you are treated as an integral part of the organization and all of your work is highly valued. For anyone interested in business (but not yet sure of which field), non-profit, France, or all of the above, I highly recommend interning at the FACCNE."

Elizabeth Baran interned with FACCNE from June to August 2008.
Student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C

What Young Professionals say:

“Contacting the FACCNE was the first step of my job search in the US. As I knew I wanted to be based in New England, I reached out to the Chamber hoping to get some good contacts and tips about the local job market. After a few email exchanges with the very welcoming staff of the Chamber, a Senior member proposed to recommend me in case I found a suitable job opening on his company’s career website, Schneider Electric. After a month browsing for jobs, I finally found an offer that I thought would match perfectly with my profile. Things went pretty quickly after being recommended: I jumped into the first plane to the U.S for job interviews and received a positive answer on the following day.
Finally, the FACCNE also helped me with the entire visa procedure. They put me in touch with the experienced Chamber of Commerce of NYC, a group accredited to sponsor candidates for J-1 visas. Once I arrived, I became a member of the YP (Young Professional Program) in order to have access to the numerous networking events organized by the Chamber in New England."
                                     Jonathan R, Schneider Electric

What they say about Membership at FACCNE:

“I have been very happy to be a member of FACCNE since 2000 and a contributor to the “Le Courrier” newsletter since 2001. As an immigration attorney, FACCNE is an ideal organization for me to choose to have this involvement. Both my membership and newsletter column have been a great way to network, find new clients, and maintain contact with existing clients. I continue to renew my membership and column every year because it has been so worthwhile. FACCNE has a very active and enthusiastic membership, which makes attending events and participating both fun and interesting. FACCNE is also well-run and well-organized, so I know that my membership will be worthwhile. I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with FACCNE, and I look forward to many more great years. Thank you.”

Bennett Savitz
Savitz Law Office, P.C.

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