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About the VIE program

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The V.I.E. Program aims to reinforce the international development of French companies while offering dynamic young graduates an opportunity to benefit from a formative experience abroad.

Business France, the French agency for international business development, has been appointed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to manage the V.I.E. Program. Since its inception in 2000 by the French Government, more than 57 000 V.I.Es have been hired in more than 6 000 French companies worldwide. 

What is the V.I.E. Program? 

The V.I.E. Program enables French companies to send a young person between 18 and 28 years of age on an assignment abroad for a flexible period ranging from 6 to 18 months, which can be renewed once within the 18 months limit.
It is open to French candidates, as well as to people from the European Economic Area (EEA), of all educational backgrounds.

It appeals to strongly motivated young people: recent graduates, generally from the best universities, Engineering or Business Schools, with professional experience and usually with an international profile, most of them fluent in several languages, having already worked abroad. 

U.S. Regulations 

V.I.Es coming to the U.S. must be eligible for a J-1 visa in the ‘intern’ or ‘trainee‘ category. The duration of the assignment is limited to 18 months according to the J-1 visa regulations. The V.I.E. application must be sent to the company in France, which is the only office authorized to set up a contract with Business France. The hosting company in the U.S is in charge of the visa procedure. 

What is the V.I.E status?

The V.I.E candidate has a ‘public status‘. He/she comes to the U.S. under the protection of the French Embassy, and has no contractual link with the company in France benefiting from the assignment.

He/she receives a fixed living allowance (paid by UBIFRANCE in Euros into a bank account in France) which varies according to the U.S. city in which the assignment is carried out, and is not subject to taxes in France. The V.I.E candidate benefits from comprehensive medical insurance contracted for the company by UBIFRANCE, and does not require pension contribution during the assignment period under the basic French national pension system.

Which companies can benefit from the V.I.E?

  •  Subsidiaries of French companies in the U.S.*
  •  Companies in the U.S. with a commercial agreement with a company in France*

Which type of assignment?

The assignments offered to the candidates are diverse and depend on the companies’ needs: market research, technical support to local teams, administrative and sales assistance, etc.

How much will a V.I.E. cost you?

Business France charges the cost of the V.I.E. to the French company that is not required to pay taxes in France. Small and medium sized companies (SMBs) might benefit from regional grants.
The V.I.E.
candidate is not included in the company‘s salaried workforce and is not paid directly by the U.S. hosting company.

The company in France is responsible for the following costs:
V.I.E.’s monthly allowance: from €2,550 to €3,750 per month which varies according

to the U.S. city in which the V.I.E. is located

    . A monthly fee covering management and medical insurance, ranging from €225 to €440 per month, depending on the turnover and the number of V.I.E.s assigned to the French company at a given time

    . One round-trip airfare and return luggage fees

    . Operating budget related to the assignment

    . Visa ($2000/$2500)

An estimate of the cost of a V.I.E. can be calculated on demand by the V.I.E. Project Manager in the U.S. (see contact details at bottom of page). 


How does the V.I.E. Program work in the U.S.? 

Management of the program: the administrative and legal aspects of the V.I.E. are handled by Business France (payroll, contract, insurance...). So that companies can focus on their operational activities.
The visa procedure is managed by the French-American Chamber of Commerce and Parenthèses (CIEE), both authorized by the U.S. State Department to sponsor eligible Interns and Trainees on a J-1 visa.

Length of assignment: from 6 to 12 or 18 months according to the type of J-1 visa issued. It can be extended once within the 12 to 18 month period limit. The assignment must be continuous and is not transferable to a different host company.
Paid leave: 2.5 working days per month worked, to be taken along the way or at the end of the assignment, for assignment periods not exceeding 12 months.

Missions in France: the V.I.E. can spend up to 165 days every 12 months of assignment in France, while benefiting from the same fiscal and social benefits as during time spent in the U.S. 

The visa procedure is handled by the French-American Chamber of Commerce, New York Chapter.

How to find the candidate that fits your needs? 

Through our CV database, Civiweb, more than 70,000 high level candidate profiles ready to meet your specific needs can be found.
Companies can select resumes at, or post offers directly on the website. Upon request, Business France can also assist companies in finding job-specific profiles. 

How do you apply for a V.I.E?

In the U.S.: The company is a:

  • Local subsidiary of a French company;
  • Local company with a commercial agreement with a company in France.

    In both cases, the application for a V.I.E must be sent to the company in France, which is the only office authorized to contract with UBIFRANCE. The hosting company in the U.S will be in charge of the visa procedure.

In France: The company completes an approval request ‘demande d‘agrément‘ as well as a volunteer assignment application form on The approval entitles the company to apply for an unlimited number of V.I.Es*. Companies already approved can download their applications online through their V.I.E customer space.

Contact in the U.S.

Maxime Granger – V.I.E. Project Manager U.S. 

Phone: +1 212 400 2172

For more information about VIE and J-1 visa regulations:

email , 

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