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Launched in 2015, the FAST aims at connecting IT and tech professionals in the Boston area eager to thrive within the French-American business community.


Explore the effects of the new digitalised world


The FAST Forum provides best practices and pragmatic support to small and mid-sized French tech companies launching operations in New England.

The FAST Forum also organizes specialized workshops where IT professionals, start-ups, and large corporations meet and discuss their bi-cultural business experiences. These events create unique networking opportunities and educational events specifically for early-stage companies, entrepreneurs, corporations willing to leverage the French-American experience.


FAST Forum Annual Conference


The FAST Forum organized a 3-hour conference featuring CEO’s, senior executives, thought leaders from major companies (Dassault Systèmes, EY, IBM Watson, Ipsen, Natixis Investment Managers, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab) who discussed the role of Artificial Intelligence and how to effectively use AI to make your business smarter.

The 2022 FAST Conference is scheduled on Tuesday, October 25 on the theme Good Tech / Green Tech: sustainability responsibility

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Get involved!


Your expertise, your experience, your knowledge of best-in-class tools, methods, and processes to start-ups or to large corporations are welcome. Contribute to one of our workshops or our Annual Conference – We are currently looking for speakers, sponsors and experts who can assist us with the organization of this signature event.

To learn more, please contact the FAST Forum Chair at

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