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The French American HR Forum is a network of French-American HR professionals located in New England. The goal of the group is to create an exchange to provide HR expertise and understanding in regards to both French and American labor relations, regulations, and HR practices. The French American HR Forum is a tool for HR practitioners to be better equipped in working with/for French companies, as well as for French HR practitioners working in New England.

The HR Forum, it’s:

  • 25 CHRO, VP HR and consultants
  • 6 meetings / year
  • Face-to-face and webex/calls
  • 2 special events with guest(s)

To find out more about the French American HR Forum, check out our LinkedIn group.

Why Join?

– The French American HR Forum is a unique network designed for those involved in French-American business.

– Events are informative and interesting.

– Quarterly HR Workshops are free for all FACCNE HR Forum members.

How to Join

Please note that the activities of the HR Forum are exclusively open to HR professionals with a FACCNE membership in good standing, whether from their company or from an individual membership.

As an individual HR professional interested in joining the FACCNE HR Forum, you qualify for a discounted individual professional membership.

Please contact assistant(@) for more information.

Examples of Past Conference Calls Topics

  • Leadership Education Programs 
  • Panel on Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Leadership Agility 
  • HR Analytics & Digitalization 
  • How to close the gap between candidates and clients’ expectations?
  • Union and HR relations: comparison between France and the USA
  • Strategic Internal Hiring

Examples of Past HR Workshops

  • Workplace of the future: How are space changes supporting employees well-being

  • Hiring Young French Talents in the US

  • Performance Management is dead! Not Really!

  • How will we eliminate the Pay Gap?

HR Forum Active Members

  • Clifford Watkin, Chair (Circle Strategies)
  • Daniel Beaudron (Mersen)
  • Elisabeth Scott (Dassault Systèmes)
  • Jean-Luc Fleurial (Bristol Myers Brigg)
  • Nova Diop (Bench International)
  • Pascal Orliac (Care2Care)
  • Philippe Latapie (StratX)
  • Thomas Petit (AbbVie)
  • Gabrielle Merat de Rubac (Our Office Inc.)

HR Forum Sponsor

Circle Strategies is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the Human Resources industry, with a constant drive to help design and mold positive workplace culture. The coalescence of technical expertise and creative solutions resembles the harmony and balance of a circle. This circular mentality, one that brings about change with a focus on people and resources, is how we do things. At Circle Strategies we are people first. Meeting individuals where they are, regardless of where they come from, what they practice, or how much they know, builds a firm foundation for trust and a lasting relationship.

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