Mental Health for High Achievers

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Join us for an exceptional fireside chat with Dr. Nizzi!


Juggling deadlines, priorities and yes, perfection.
As women, we often forget to take time out to care for ourselves- especially our mental well-being. 


Join FACCNE’S Women in Business Network (FWBN) for an important conversation with Dr. Marie-Christine Nizzi, President of Harvard Alumni for Mental Health for “Wellness for High-Achievers.”

Dr. Nizzi will share insights and advice on how to recognize, cope and set boundaries to set yourself up for sustained wellness.  

From being stretched in multiple directions to striving for unrealistic perfection to cross-cultural impacts, Dr. Nizzi will show you how to give yourself guilt-free grace without lowering your standards. 

Please also let us know if you have specific examples or topics you feel would resonate to enhance this discussion by responding to this email.  

  • Hosted by FWBN co-chairs Nicole Ferry-Lacchia and Karen Pevenstein 
  • Monday, April 24 
  • Time: 6 - 8PM


About Dr. Nizzi

Dr. Nizzi is the President of Harvard Alumni for Mental Health and the founder of the Professional Alliance, a network of culturally competent clinicians providing mental health services to clients all around the world.

An international specialist, Dr. Nizzi completed two PhDs: one from Harvard University and one from Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. She is a certified forensic evaluator with Physicians for Human Rights. Dr. Nizzi now trains future clinicians at top medical schools such as Harvard University, Dartmouth College, and UCLA.

Dr. Nizzi provides cutting-edge culturally and trauma-informed care with a specialty in supporting high achievers. A VA-trained and CPT Certified provider, she was named "2018 Harvard Horizons Scholar" for her work with U.S. Veterans and recipients of a face-transplant. Her research is regularly featured in the media


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