Past Editions

2023 Winners


Fonroche Lighting America: Elevating solar lighting to an infrastructure solution by developing battery tech, data management & scalable design.

Life Sciences

Aquyre Biosciences: Collects data from fresh live biopsy in the Operating Room to provide in 2 min an answer to the proceduralist: presence of cancer / immune cells.

DEI & CSR Award

Prova: Global, family and women-owned extract and flavor company, specializing in vanilla, cocoa, coffee, caramel extracts, and more.

French Entrepreneur Abroad

InGel Therapeutics: Create novel stem cell and tissue engineering solutions to treat patients affected by retinal degenerative diseases.

Women In Business Award

CILcare: Biotech company founded by 3 women that is harnessing auditory sciences to, more precisely, define, detect, and treat auditory-related diseases.

Coup de Coeur

Genoskin: Helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies to secure and accelerate drug development, by providing first-in-human data, without harming either humans or animals.


2023 Awards Ceremony

2023 Gala Diner

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