Learning expeditions

FACCNE organize Learning Expeditions to introduce you to one of the most innovative ecosystems in the world.

We organize Learning Expeditions and Trade Missions for companies and professionals who wish to explore and pursue business opportunities in the New England region. Developed for companies, universities, business schools, chambers of commerce and other delegations, Learning Expeditions are a turnkey solution to become familiar with the local ecosystem and understand the North American business world. The best way to learn about the local economy is to visit the region.

Through a customized program designed by FACCNE, we connect business communities to understand challenges and opportunities, and help navigate cultural differences. We coordinate site visits and arrange one-on-one meetings with key industry executives, as well as networking events with local industry leaders.

Each expedition is fully customized to the objectives of its participants and you will be able to:

- Learn, discover and be inspired by the New England business ecosystem

- Enhance your creativity and meet new collaborators from a different culture

- Make influential connections to unlock new challenges and opportunities

- Build your future business strategy



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