Aquyre Biosciences

Aquyre collects data from fresh live biopsy in the Operating Room to provide in 2minutes an answer to the proceduralist: presence of cancer cells / immune cells. First applications: lung biopsy assessment for cancer diagnosis (94-100% detection, data from UPMC Pittsburgh) and Next Generation Sequencing to displace the manual technique called Rapid On Site Evaluation by a full digital (remote evaluation / AI) technology.

Aquyre product is targeted to replace Rapid On Site Evaluation with a fully digital automated technique that could be placed in any center doing biopsies. This would be a extension of Roche diagnostic activities.

Aquyre has installed 8 customer sites in 2022. User’s data (more than 550 cases) on lung biopsies from leading institutions (Boston University, UPMC Pittsburgh, Fox Chase, John’s Hopkins, John Muir, University of Chicago, Penn Highlands) showing saving of 31 minute per patient, and a biopsy diagnostic yield increase up to 100%.

Only Aquyre is able to scan / interrogate the content of a biopsy to show the biopsy content and evaluation the number of cancer cells, without damaging and destroying the biopsies. Aquyre capability has been proven on many solid tumors: lung; breast, prostate, kidney, liver, pancreas, brain.

Data enables a Leasing / SAAS-based revenue model and AI will enable automated analysis.

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