Jean-Philippe Thauvin & Le Petit Robert | Hiring Introduction

"I began my job search in September 2023 by applying to various bakery positions in Boston. Despite my successful experience as a store manager in Washington for over 3 years in a Franco-American work environment, I received no responses. With confidence in the Boston job market and a vibrant French community in demand of bakery products, I continued my search.

My first experience with the FACCNE in November 2023 left me with a positive impression of the association's professionalism. In January 2024, now a member, I noticed Boulangerie PRB sponsoring the "galette des rois" at the FACCNE's annual convention on January 24th. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Thibault Sanson, who informed me that the person from Boulangerie PRB was absent and suggested they might have employment opportunities. Thibault offered to connect me with the company's manager, and he sent an email the next day. Loïc Le Garrec, the owner, promptly responded and scheduled an interview for the following day.

Ten days after meeting Thibault, I started my new position as a store manager at PRB Boulangerie in South End, adjacent to the French restaurant Marseille. Just two months later, I was promoted to manage a second bakery in Somerville.

I am deeply grateful for the warm reception from the FACCNE, their professionalism, and the close relationships they foster with their sponsors. Their efforts made a significant difference in my case. The FACCNE's commitment to networking within the French community is strong, as evidenced by the quality of their events. My experience is a testament to that. I pledge to be an ambassador for the FACCNE to uphold this effectiveness and assist newcomers to Boston in collaboration with the FACCNE. A special thanks to Thibault Sanson for his invaluable assistance in this journey."

Jean-Philippe Thauvin
Store Manager Boulangerie PRB 


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