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French Pastry and Bakery

Praliné Patisserie embodies the essence of fine French traditions. Their motto is simple: Great ingredients create great-tasting products.

Since 2013, Praliné French Patisserie has been enchanting Bostonians with its high-quality, authentic French pastries. Founded by Sophie, a pastry enthusiast since her childhood in France, Praliné embodies the essence of French traditions with a unique and contemporary twist.

With two locations and growing, Praliné has become a prominent name in the Boston greater area when it comes to French pastries. Our reputation is well-established, having had the honor of supplying our creations to giants such as Google, Pfizer, and MIT. Each Praliné product is a work of art, crafted with the finest local ingredients and rare flavors imported from France.

At Praliné, our motto is simple: great ingredients create great-tasting pastries. We carefully select our natural ingredients, favoring local producers and incorporating authentic French flavors, many of which are directly imported from France to ensure our pastries have a unique and unmistakable signature.

All our products are trans-fat free and without artificial flavors. We master traditional French techniques to create our macarons, cookies, and various pastries. Our commitment to supreme quality aims to provide unparalleled satisfaction to each customer.

Sophie’s inspiration finds its roots in the enchanted memories of her childhood, where French patisseries represented a world of dreams and exquisite flavors. After a career in the scientific and corporate world, she rediscovered her passion for pastries, training with the finest masters and integrating artisanal techniques to create Praliné. 

The quality and the respect of pure French traditional work has been recognized by the Boston French Consul and by the French Minister to nominate Sophie to the rank of Knight in the order of agricultural merit “Chevalier dans l’Ordre du Mérite Agricole”.

At Praliné, excellence is our watchword. We respect traditional recipes and use the best ingredients, including those specially imported from France, to offer products that celebrate the flavors and colors of France. Each pastry is made with love and care, for the pleasure of gourmets in Boston and beyond.


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