CCI France International (CCIFI) - Your Gateway to Global Business Success

With a rich history dating back to 1907, CCI France International stands as France's premier business network, boasting nearly 33,000 members worldwide. Our organization is dedicated to the mission of uniting and leading 125 French Chambers of Commerce and Industry abroad (CCI FI) across 95 countries.

As an association incorporated under the law of 1901 and acknowledged as being of public utility since 1939, CCI France International plays a pivotal role as the custodian of the name "French Chambers of Commerce and Industry Abroad." Our overarching mission is to bring together, represent, coordinate, and foster the growth of the global network of French Chambers of Commerce Abroad.

At CCIFI, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your unique needs and projects. Our approach is rooted in attentive listening, expert advice, and personalized support solutions. Whether you're seeking to access essential information, evaluate and study your future market, or embark on prospecting endeavors to connect with potential clients and partners, our experienced project managers are well-equipped to guide you every step of the way.


Planning to establish your presence in a new market?

Our deep knowledge of diverse markets positions us as your trusted partner for all stages of your business setup.

From crafting future subsidiaries to developing robust business plans, deploying strategies for external growth, and managing your future human resources, CCIFI offers invaluable support to help you make informed decisions and execute your plans seamlessly.

As you work to anchor your business in your target market, our dedicated teams are here to accelerate your integration into your future ecosystem. We offer timeshare sales and efficient back-office management solutions designed to streamline your setup process.

When you partner with CCI France International, you gain access to a world of opportunities and expert guidance. Let us be your ally in achieving your global business ambitions. Join us and discover the pathways to international success.

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