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The French-American Biotechnology Springboard (FABS) is a team of experienced, French and American volunteers with diverse life science backgrounds and skills. This forum aims to guide French bioentrepreneurs in the highly-specific scientific, business, and cultural environment of New England.

Laure Berliner Marketing Strategic, Market Research
Gigi Shafai Medical Affairs, Health Economics, Business Strategy, and Digital Therapeutics



What We Do

New England’s first stop support to accelerate the understanding of the life sciences landscape and institutions relevant to a company’s growth 

  • Connect companies to relevant stakeholders in academia, industry and business and provide a personalized introduction based on company-specific needs 
  • Raise key business questions related to France/US markets and competitive value proposition 
  • Highlight cross cultural differences that can impact businesses coming from Europe 
  • Provide advice on strategic prioritization efforts 
  • Improve pitch strategy to various audiences 
  • Organize an annual meeting on innovation key trends in health care with leading experts on the industry




Jim Shanahan (FABS CO-FOUNDER) - Start-ups fund raising, Organization, Resourcing, Value proposition development and Messaging, Sales

Alain EudaricMarket insights – Strategic Planning / Operational Execution – Process Improvement

Valerie Philippon, Ph.D (FABS CO-FOUNDER) - Medical Affairs and Communications

Jean-Noël PellegrinValuation and Finance Support to M&A and Business Development

Michael HansonEntrepreneurial ecosystem and technology business incubators

Lucie Rochard, Ph.D - External Engagement Program Lead

Jonathan Cottet, Ph.D - Scientist, Academics

Sandrine Hulot, Ph.D - Scientist, Strategic Alliances and International Partnerships

Cecile Pastel Levy, MD. - Medical Affairs & Communication

Alexandre Blanchot, Pharm.D - Innovation – France


Romain Marmot - Digital Health, Strategy, Fundraising, Business Development, Operations

Jean Jacques Yarmoff, Ph.D - Innovation & International Strategy

Jonathan F.X. O’BrienCorporate law

Shahin Gharakhanian, MD (FABS CO-FOUNDER) - Clinical Drug Development & Medical Affairs

Adeline Boulanger, Esq - Business Immigration

Aude Ouensanga - Market Access, Commercial Due Diligence, Corporate Strategy, and M&A



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