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2023 Life Sciences Panorama - Part 1: Virtual Conference

Watch again Part 1 of the 11th Edition of the Life Sciences Panorama! Access to the Recording Virtual Conference is open to all.

Spotlight on the French Health Ecosystem & Innovation

FACCNE and FABS are pleased to invite you to the 11th edition of the Annual Life Sciences Panorama on the theme: SPOTLIGHT ON THE FRENCH HEALTH ECOSYSTEM & INNOVATION

Description: This part will shine a spotlight on the robust French health ecosystem, unraveling its unique advantages and pathways for global collaboration. Participants will gain valuable insights into how the French healthcare industry fosters innovation and discover exciting opportunities for cross-border partnerships that drive positive change in the healthcare landscape.


On FACCNE's YouTube Page, you can find a recording of the Life Sciences Panorama - Part 1: Virtual Conference: 


🔹 Part 1 (Beginning) - Gigi Shafai, Pharm.D.'s insights on the potential for American companies to engage with the French healthcare ecosystem.

🔹 Part 2 (08:27) - Panel discussions featuring Stéphanie Allassonniere, Camille Tribout, Olivier Nosjean, and Peter Cornelius, focusing on French academic landscapes and partnerships with French companies.


About the webinar: 

Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the landscape of Life Science Innovation in France! The spirit of this dialogue is to highlight French innovation in healthcare from several perspectives including corporate, incubator, academic, and research institute lenses and to foster transatlantic discussions.

  • Are you interested to learn how France fosters an ecosystem that nurtures innovation, research, and international collaborations?
  • Why does France stand as a hub for advancements in the field of Life Sciences?
  • Have you ever wondered how to begin your strategy in the top 5 EU countries? Have you ever thought of France for your life sciences organization?
  • What are the major research and academic centers in France, and how can you connect with French researchers? 
  • Are you considering having clinical trial sites in France?
  • How do global pharmaceutical companies create partnerships in France? How does a US start-up connect with French entities?


- Panel Presentation


Dr. Gigi Shafai - FABS Co-Chair 

Dr. Olivier Nosjean - Servier 

Dr. Stéphanie Allassonnière  - UDICE

Camille Tribout - Pasteur Institute 

Dr. Peter Cornelius - Translational Research at SynDevRx in Cambridge


- Closing Keynote


Keynote: Alexis Genin, Head of Research and Technology Development / Paris Brain Institute

The ultra-modern Paris Brain Institute is located at the heart of the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital. It is also where a major Parisian hospital and its clinical networks of +100 000 individual patients seen per year meet several translational research institutes. Alexis Genin Head of Research and Technology Development / Paris Brain Institute, how this model fosters innovation across multiple therapeutic examples, including in Parkinsons and gene therapy in neurosciences.


Warmest Thanks to EY for sponsoring this event!


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