SentinHealth is a French MedTech start-up funded in Grenoble in 2017 and certified ISO13485 in 2022.

Their vision is to be a leading Health-as-a-Service company giving a better life to all Heart Failure patients by turning in a heartbeat emergency care into prevention.

Their mission is to keep Heart Failure patients out of Intensive Care Units by designing, marketing and selling solutions to prevent Acute Decompensation.

During the first 5 years, they have designed and developed a medical system for Heart Failure patients’ remote follow-up.

Their solution is

  • Enabled by an affordable subcutaneous implant to get regular & actionable data.
  • Empowered by Artificial Intelligence to ensure effectiveness and scalability.

As a result, Sentinhealth

  1. Preserves the quality of life of patients;
  2. Reduces the morbi-mortality;
  3. Tackles the economic burden related to Heart Failure hospitalizations.

Their next 3-years objective is the deployment of our solution in North America and Europe with two first milestones:

  1. a Serie A fundraising in 2023 and
  2. the submissions of regulatory clearances to FDA and our European Notified Body in 2024.

Within 5 years, they are targeting an active queue of 30’000 patients.


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