Let's Chat!

Contact Thomas Escobedo at events@faccne.org for Let's Chat opportunities

Let's Chat 2.0

Let's Chat with Kalamari!
Contact Natacha at natacha(@)kalamari.agency
Learn more about Kalamari here - https://kalamari.agency/

Let's Chat with Firalis Molecular Precision!
Contact Sébastien at sebastien.lange(@)firalis.com
Learn more about Firalis MP here - https://www.linkedin.com/firalis/

Let's Chat with Powerling!
Contact Eloise at e.kremer(@)powerling.com
Learn more about Powerling here - https://powerling.com/

Let's Chat with Lunalogic!
Contact Julia at julia.balvay(@)lunalogic.com
Learn more about Lunalogic here - https://www.lunalogic.com/en/

Let's Chat with Brimar Relocation!
Contact Yasin at info(@)brimarrelo.com
Learn more about Brimar Relocation here - https://brimarrelo.com/

Let's Chat with Klaxoon!
Contact Mehdi at mehdi.nacef(@)klaxoon.com
Learn more about Klaxoon here - https://klaxoon.com/

Let's Chat

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