Healthcare Innovation Summit Series

The #USNorthEastHIS is a hub for healthcare innovation in the Northeastern United States, bringing top minds together to drive progress.


At the 2024 Northeast Healthcare Innovation Summit, we’ll address critical conversations about healthcare systems optimization, digital transformation, diagnostic & therapeutic technology, and healthcare infrastructure. We are dedicated to addressing unique regional challenges and unlocking opportunities to enhance healthcare delivery and management.

Why participate? 

  • Invaluable Insights:  Explore a wide range of topics from improving access and infrastructure to integrating cutting-edge technologies.
  • Intimate Networking: The HIS series emphasizes intimate networking with decision-makers, providing a unique platform to build relationships and meaningful connections in a relaxed, non-massive environment.
  • Cross-Border Learning: By traveling to different countries and regions to discuss local healthcare systems' advances, challenges, and successful stories, the HIS series offers a unique blend of local and global perspectives.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The series provides a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices, offering participants the chance to learn from success stories and innovative approaches in healthcare.
  • Policy Influence: By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, the HIS series can influence healthcare policy and practice, driving the adoption of innovative technologies and models that improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

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